• Sustainable by Nature

    We use regenerative farming techniques to ensure healthy soil and water for generations to come.

  • Free to Roam

    We put animal welfare first. All of our animals graze freely on green, organic pastures.

  • Farm fresh - Naturally

    We grow delicious, organic food. Our chemical free approach is better for you, and for the environment.

 Organic, tasty, nutritious food, straight from our farm.

What started as a simple passion for real food and a desire to feed our children better has grown into our sustainable, organic farm. Durham Farms, located in the beautiful hills of the Brynderwyns in Waipu, is interspersed with pristine, native trees. We grow amazingly tasty produce the natural way; with traceability, trust and animal welfare at the forefront.

Our farming is underpinned by restoration and conservation of the natural habitat. We have set aside 25% of the land for native flora and fauna, protecting New Zealand’s amazing wildlife for future generations.​

Latest From The Farm

Farm Gate veggies – now selling

A selection of certifed organic produce that’s been dug, picked and harvested fresh from the farm. Get freshly laid eggs, salad mixes, honey and more surprises. > read more


Farm fresh - naturally

Direct from Farm to you

We support and supply to the local market, so pretty much if we can’t walk, cycle or ride from our farm to an outlet near you, you won’t be lucky enough to experience our produce. This ensures our products are fresh, guaranteed and our impact on the environment is minimised. If we could still take it all down the road by horse then we probably would.

Giving back to the land

Our 25% regeneration goals

We are committed to ensuring the land is left in a better condition than when we started. As part of this approach we are converting 25% of our farm land back into native trees and bush. You can join us by adopting a tree.


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